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As a co-founder of Proudsugar, along with Javier Rincon, we established some core concepts in our culture book, but if one has to be the called the "main" it would be "the quality". 

"Quality" understood as an element with different planes and faces, like a polyhedron, where the planes are concepts like appealing, message, concept,  understanding, ease of implementation, etc. and which every plane has to reach enough quality by itself because if not the general outcome it’s not achieved because only with all of them the "full quality" concept is doable.

Our clients had to be able to perceive and understand in a first moment our chase in each and every single plane of our the "full quality" concept.



As a co-founder and a Visual Designer (and in addition to the work done for our clients) my work in Proudsugar was all the visual identity and visual design.

Another work was development of the website (wordpress), ux/ui, and of course, all the work that you have to do as a co-founder!! :)



Logo: the inception

Personally I’m totally into the idea that the communication of any logo should be associated with any idea or concept representative of the brand, whether be more or less abstract. Designer has also the possibility to go deeper and show not only one but more levels of communication.

When logos are able to go beyond and transmit not only a description of the name or work, but even the concept, the soul, the meaning and do it with appeallingness, elegance and coherence can occur that nice thing when user see the logo and says “nice!” and suddenly the brand goes up in the mind of the user, working almost as an active publicity. 

Below these precepts I move to create the Proudsugar's logo. But this presents some add difficults: our name was totally non associated with our business, and even more, the concept itself sugar and proud was difficult to represent visually, in a proper and contextualized way.


Logo: concept & style

To solve that, I started a process in which I try to transmit the concepts both concepts, low level (i.e. name) and high level (growth, improvement)

In the process I figured out that the potential association between the concept proud and the parallelism that could be established between it and concepts like improvement, growth, etc., could be interesting. 

After different ideas, the solution came to show two cubes of sugar, but the second bigger than the first, alluding to growth.

Related to the style, it had to be elegant and appealling, clear and simple but resounding and rotund. Also, it had to respond properly to a a need for ease of implementation and easy recognition on a small scale. 


So, the outcome is a logo that represents the values of the brand, very usable in any circumstances, flexible, attractive even (working even as a sticker), representative, memorable and with a significance about the purpose and the soul of the company.




The idea behind the cards was create something innovative, to stand out of the rest, and create a positive reaction when somebody receives one of them, but of course being so functional as possible. So the idea was impress and impact at first sight in order to keep attention; in a second step, send a message to understand the purpose of the brand, and eventually work as a regular contact card.


Audits and other material

These precepts were trespassed to the other areas like audits, presentations, lorem, ipsum, etc. The objective was create elements as useful as beautiful, with great power of communication.


As a detail, the cover illustartion for the audits shows an image that tries to represent the work of Proudsugar with the clients. Two flags in the summit of the mountain, with the Proudsugar logo and the client logo (the logo is changing depending the client) showing where we want to arrive together. A cableway, showing the way. Inside the document, an special attention to the usability was taken into account (typos hierarchies, visual elements, arrangement, etc)

Example of different pages in a real audit made for a client

Example of different pages in a real audit made for a client



In all of our differents websites, the principles were great communication and power visuals elements. A clear and powerful copy, combined with appealing visuals and a proper UX structure clear objective mix perfectly and the outcome were powerful websites, regardless styles or fashion.

Main page 

Main page 

Detail: mobile behavior

Detail: mobile behavior

Detail: Main page illustrations

Detail: "New products" illustrations (Click to enlarge)


Main page

Detail: "Our services" illustrations

Detail: "Our services" illustrations


Main page: header (Click to enlarge)

"Growth Program" page

"About us" page (Click to enlarge)

Web illustrations (Click image to enlarge)


Landing page

Along the website, we create a landing page in order to offer a free website review; in this case, along the great communication and power visuals, we add as a new element the sense of humor.

The landing is like a typical 50's advert, keeping all the classical elements expected to see in these kind of adverts, but always keeping on mind that the purpose was create a functional page and for this reason all the elements has a purpose, although some can be more emphatic than others. 

In the other hand, the selection of this style is not only because can be funny or nice. The font's weight and typos, the visual cues, the dinamics, the illustrations, the colors, etc work perfectly with the UX and the flow and the outcome is a page than not only is pleasant to see but work properly as a landing page.


Illustrations and visual elements

In the page "Illustrations", along with other works, you can see more of work done for Proudsugar, like our mascot "Proudly". Feel free to visit it!