A discussion & ideation platform with more than 20.000 users.


visual design / ux





As an already existing platform to discuss documents and ideas, Discuto had the objective to revamp, grow and become the reference tool for group discussions and dominate market. To achieve, a redesign of the platform was necessary, as well as as other marketing elements such as a new website, a new landing page and new visual imagery.



As a member part of Proudsugar, my work on this project for Discuto was in three key areas:

-All visual design, including illustration, look and feel, iconography, video, physical products (posters)

-Work  on UX/UI, including analysis of the existing UX; storyboarding, sketching and wireframing of the new UX, and later prototyping of it.

-As well work on: Competitor & Customer research & analysis, Customer journey, Use Cases, Flows.



Discussion & Ideation platform

The objective was to improve the usability of the platform so that users would be able to effectively and easily discuss ideas and documents. This new attractive framework would allow users to freely express their ideas.

The process started with objective definition. After that, different phases were tackled like competitors analysis, the customer journey or the customer personas. Then by arriving at the Solution Research, the terrain was prepared for later storyboarding and creation of the structural UX.

Ux analysis, customer journeys, story boarding, skecthing for new UX

Ux analysis, customer journeys, story boarding, skecthing for new UX

It was at this phase that we arrived to the solution of creating separate tabs between the description and discussion area. In the old version (see below), a unique page contains both elements, the consequence is clear, an overcrowding of information. In addition, potentially useful information was not shown in order to prevent the page from becoming too long, resulting in the user potentially no finding this information as it’s located too low on the page.

So, the first tab, description, would include the general info, timing, main description, latest activity of the people and works in a high view manner. The second brings the user to the discussion itself, allowing him to 100% focus on the paragraphs, comments, likes, etc. Of course, having tabs allows the user to easily navigate from one tab to another.




The idea was offer to the user the appropriate and necessary information relevant to the discussion and the best possible way to interact with it; that means, an easy and quick way to access the discussion itself in order to participate through proper navigation. Once the user was on the discussion, he had to be able to easily perform all the commonly required actions (such as to see and comment on paragraphs) but also the non-commonly required actions (such as to see "further info"). 

All of this should be contained in a clear, readable interface that is both appealing and visually attractive.

Next video shows the behavior of the platform (for discussions):


Surely, the creation of proper usability for the platform on all devices as well as screens resolutions was taken into account:



Along with the platform, the management interface was redesigned in order to provide the user the necessary ease to share, manage and administrate all discussions and ideations.

Besides the improvement of the platform through the previously commented areas, gamification and onboarding were also included too, in order to increase the engagement within the platform.




With the website, the objectives were to explain the features in order to allow prospects to understand the product and give them sufficient reasons to choose Discuto against others options in the market. Also to showcase the high quality of the product. The key to reaching these objectives were visual appeal along a proper UX, information architecture and clear and direct copywriting.



Behind the style of the illustrations, the idea was create something exciting, fun, easily adaptable in any kind of resolution and very communicational. Colors were chosen in keeping with the branding of Discuto, but adding differentiation and dynamism. The intention of showing the appeal of the illustration was again, to show quality, and to connect good-worth-quality to the inner workings of the platform.

Related to the icons, clarity was the main objective, but also to maintain the style of the website/product and so order create a coherent and homogeneous experience.


Finally, work was made in different areas like social platforms, creating banners and adapting elements and the creation of signs and posters for use in conventions and other sales meetings.