What and How: Types of projects and methodology.


1-WHAT: Types of projects

Usually the projects I do can be arranged in three types: "Broad projects", "Narrow projects" and "Visual identity projects".


1- "Broad Projects": these projects often involves both visual design and ux together.

For example, typical projects that can be inside this category could be:

  • Create a new website from scratch

  • Perform an analysis and improvement of an existing website.

  • Create or optimize a landing page

Note: the above 3 projects are only examples and don’t include all available project types. I can execute on any wider range of projects according to your needs.

"Broad projects" projects needs a bigger amount of specifics works related strategy, ux and visual design. All working together as a part of a specific methodology (see more detail about it in the section "HOW & WHY: Methodology")


2- "Narrow Projects":  In this type of projects the work is focused normally in one specific area (usually ux or visual design) and the extension of the work is less than in the "Broad projects"

For example, typical projects inside this category are:

  • Perform a Ux analysis of an existing website.

  • Create the "Look and feel" for an existing website, with illustration and icon design.

  • Deliver specific illustrations, icons, imagery

  • Carry out a competitor and customer analysis

Note: the above 4 projects are only examples and don't include all available project types. I can execute on any wider range of projects according to your needs.

"Narrow projects" requires a few phases of the methodology applied to the "Broad projects", due the nature of the work to do. (More details about it in section "HOW & WHY: Methodology")


3- "Visual identity Projects"

For example, typical projects inside this category are:

  • Logo and corporate branding style

  • Visual elements

Note: the above 2 projects are only examples and don't include all available project types. I can execute on any wider range of projects according to your needs.

"Visual identity projects" can work together with the two previous types. So it's very usual the client that requires a new webpage and also a new logo. In this case, the client would be demanding a "Broad project" (new website) and "Visual identity project" (logo). In relation to the process and methodology, see more details in the next section.


Also, depending on the project, there exists a 4th type of project: the technical implementation of projects done previously (normally via content management system like Wordpress, Squarespace, Wix, Weebly, etc.) Please contact for further information about it.  


This typology of projects is merely a general guide but not to be understood as a strict list. Flexibility is not only available, but required :) If you have any questions related to projects, please contact me.



2-HOW: Methodology

As a designer, my main focus is deliver to my clients the best outcome possible in the less time possible. Following a proper methodology is a key element in order to reach the best quality with the highest effectiveness possible.  


1- Methodology for "BROAD PROJECTS"

For this kind of projects the methodology followed is a combination of the more usual UX and Visual Design strategies and techniques (based on +10 years of experience) mixed in with Conversion Rate Optimization techniques (from 2014 also working as a main designer in a CRO agency)

You can see the path below:


This path is shown merely as an explanation of the normal flow of work, but depending on the nature of the projects, some phases or specific related work might not be done, might be unnecessary as it adds no specific value. Or on the contrary, it might become fundamental in order to reach success. 

In order to get the best outcome for the client in terms of time, money invested and final outcome, it's important to be flexible and analyze accurately the "why": which work will add real value and is indispensable to get the best result possible. Methodology can never be more important than the project and its outcome.


2- Methodology for "Narrow Projects"

For this kind of projects, the followed methodology is the same than in the bigger projects, but logically following the needed phases that they are related to the specific work to do. As well, some phases and specific work are adapted, reduced or are even ignored, as it might not make sense due to the nature of the project.

As an example, when the project is the "look & feel" of a website, phases related to UX are minimized, as well phases and work related to the strategy. The focus in this case goes to the Visual Design phase.

3- Methodology for "Visual Identity Projects"

The methodology for this kind of projects, depending nature and needs, usually are three phases: "Discerning", "Visualization & Execution" and "Delivery". (see below)

At the end of the project, besides supplying all the material in the desired and required formats, a Style Guide is delivered, in order to help the client to use the work done in the best way possible and to reach the best outcome possible.



If you have any questions related the kinds of projects/methodology in particular, or about my work in general, please feel free to contact me. I will be happy to solve your doubts! :)